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The Beatles story museum

The Beatles story museum

The member of the Beatles are John, Paul, George, Ringo and Stuart Sutcliffe and they all are from Liverpool. The city is located in the North West England; tough grubby and somewhat distressing in the 50’s and 60’s, but today it is considered as a new vibrant tourist spot. Much of the tourist attraction is because of the Beatles.

The city Liverpool is filled with Beatles locations. There are various museums dedicated to the four in Liverpool. Before making their original fame in the United Kingdom, original Beatle Stuart Sutcliffe died in Hamburg. There are three hotels Beatles related in the city, The Hard Days night hotel, The Brian Epstein Guesthouse and The Eleanor Rigby Hotel, which has Elanor’s statue and people looking photo near to her and one of Stuart’s homes is now a hotel. Beatles childhood homes are still there in the city; as Ringo’s first home is on a street of mounted up homes that are still pending for demolition or upgrading. Beatles tourists can have a look at the Paul McCartney’s home and also a home for John Lennon’s Aunty Mimi where John was brought up in 1945 to 1963.

People think that the very first location the Beatles performed was at the Cavern club, but they really played at a coffee bar called Casbah coffee club which is still there. The Place is filled with Beatles decorating on its walls; the wall was painted by John and you will fall in love with their Beatles insects theme which resembles a huge spider web at the backstage.

There are plenty of places in the city of Liverpool that has a strong bond with the Beatles and unpreventable lots of tours to visit there, from exclusive taxis, Magical Mystery Tour bus, Walking tours and some of the best can be spotted on the locals and they might suggest you some screaming stories at the Cavern.

Mathew street was original re - built by the Cavern Club when the Beatles appeared 282 times. The Cavern was the 4th location that the Beatles played after the Casbah they also played at the Blue Angel Club and the Jacaranda in the city, these places were owned by Alan Williams their first manager.

Lennon and McCartney wrote two songs about the places in Liverpool: ‘Penny Lane’ and ‘Strawberry Fields of Ever’. ‘In My Life: Places I remember’ is a nostalgic song by John about his city’s home and Ringo did two: ‘Snookeroo’ and ‘Liverpool 8’.

In the poems, John called his home city as Liddypool. A Spaniard In The Works and ‘In His Own Write’.

If you are a Beatle fan then Liverpool is a must visit place for any Beatle fan and also there is a lot more about the city that tourist are bound to love when they get there! Liverpool museum is a wonderful place to capture city’s history and its very nature. Also, the city has fabulous hotels to stay so you will have a great stay in the city.