Museums in Merseyside

The history of World Museum

The history of World Museum

The oldest of museums in Liverpool is the World Museum and the galleries are managed by National Museums Liverpool. The World Museum was first opened on 8th Match 1853 in the district of Ropework, and it moved to its current site at 1860 on William Brown street. It has expanded to be one of the greatest museums of the British, with displays and collections of life sciences, human cultures and earth sciences around the world.

Derby Museum

In 1851, the Derby of the 13th Earl died, he left his natural collection to the town of the history of the city. The town council arranged for the collection to be shifted from the museum to the Parr street and Slater street. The Liverpool’s mayor declared the Derby Museum of the Borough on 18th March 1853.

World Museum

The World Museum’s planetarium is believed to be the first in the UK, which was opened to the public on 22nd May 1970. The Museum was managed by the group of galleries and museums which were nationalised in the first of April 1986 under the new organisation, Merseyside National museums and galleries are now called as National Museums Liverpool.

On 1st August 1987, the museum was renamed as World Museum when a new entrance, refurbished galleries and a new aquarium was opened.

Today, the World Museum is well known for its great collections, its family - friendly experience and the history of innovation that it provides. The museum gathered 748,065 visitors in 2010 making it one of the most famous and respected museums in the United Kingdom.